Artist's statement

~ Anne Oberin ~

My creative journey began in my darling Nana's garden when I was a tiny girl. Fairy dells and Elfin dens were made of flowers and ferns, stones and pods, shells, glass 'jewels' and bits of brocade. Fantasy lives were created and captured.

Later in my life I became a passionate photographer, still capturing the ephemeral moment but now focusing on the very real, loved people in my life and on the astonishing Australian landscape which I delight in travelling through and the excitingly different people and landscapes that I discovered during my world travels.

For decades I carried the colours and textures of the fairy glens with me in a basket; too busy and far too timid to design from scratch I knitted, wove, and stitched Florentine Bargello tapestries from bought patterns. The subtle, rich renaissance colours, the matte wools, glossy silks and vibrant metallic threads satisfied my desire to create while my busy family grew, and grew up.

When time and maturity finally allowed me the opportunity to create original work a dear friend and my treasured sister were there to encourage me. The adventure of beginning to draw was both terrifying and exhilarating as I found the physical and emotional freedom that was both necessary for, and paradoxically a product of, drawing. My intricate drawings are composed of geometric designs done only in black and white.

Creative journeys often take surprising turns. My relatively recent discovery of both a talent for and immense pleasure in Flameworking, designing, and making colourful beaded jewellery seems almost to have taken me full circle.

Thank you for visiting.

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~ "We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master." ~

~ Ernest Hemingway ~

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